Home Media Server Automation: Start Here

For a few dollars each month, we have access to an infinite library of movies and TV shows. Streamed to any device you care to use, anytime, anywhere you have cell or internet service. There are no shortage of services to drive prices down and quality and variety of service up.

It is easy, cheap, and works. So, why try to reinvent the wheel by creating your own media server? Simple; it is a lot of fun, a great opportunity to learn, and keeps your keyboard jockey skills sharp. In the end you’ll still be watching TV, but it will be a product of your own hard work instead of a monthly service that you autopay without a thought. And for those of you that are like me, that is what it is all about: benefiting from something that you made. So let’s get started. Continue reading “Home Media Server Automation: Start Here”

Home Media Server Automation: The Incoming Data Directory Stack

This is one of many posts that cover in detail how to build a fully automated home media server using Ubuntu, Docker, an array of media management applications, and Plex. In this post, you’ll learn how I handle all of the data exchange between the various Docker containers and media management apps that sit in front of Plex. Continue reading “Home Media Server Automation: The Incoming Data Directory Stack”

The Challenge – Step 2: Deploy a Spacewalk server on CentOS 6

Spacewalk is an open source (GPLv2) Linux systems management solution. It is the upstream community project for Red Hat Satellite. Its capabilities include:

  • Inventory your systems (hardware and software information)
  • Install and update software on your systems
  • Collect and distribute your custom software packages into manageable groups
  • Provision (kickstart) your systems
  • Manage and deploy configuration files to your systems
  • Provision virtual guests
  • Start/stop/configure virtual guests
  • Distribute content across multiple geographical sites in an efficient manner

Sounds pretty sweet to me, so let’s build out own Spacewalk server. Continue reading “The Challenge – Step 2: Deploy a Spacewalk server on CentOS 6”